City of Hope Museum


Stimulant developed three interactive exhibits for the City of Hope museum in southern California. Gallagher & Associates designed the museum and exhibits to illustrate the cancer care and research hospital’s pillars of its legacy: innovation, healing, and soul.


Stories of hope in an interactive exhibit

people interacting with touchscreen

The first interactive exhibit is a touchscreen-based, non-linear narrative. Visitors are exposed to a variety of stories via self-discovery, semantic relationships and user-generated content. The interface is designed to highlight the interconnectedness of the City of Hope’s achievements, doctors and patients, expressing the organization’s holistic and integrated approach to research and medicine. Fluid animations and minimalist controls push content to the forefront to heighten longer-form engagements. Three large-format, dual-display stations provide access to hundreds of stories. The stories and media are managed by a cloud-hosted CMS.


A digital warm embrace

view of LED light art

Around the sinuous exterior of the sculpture is a fabric of sprawling reactive LED sculptures. Custom software developed by Stimulant drives these lighting modules with flowing generative artwork. These fixtures bring the visual language of the physical interactive exhibit design to life in a subtle, playful way and add a luminous, calming effect to the space.


Sharing user-generated sentiments and love

On the inside of the sculptural form, a virtual “wishing tree” is covered in wishes for healing and hope. The tree interactive exhibit is a real-time visualization of wishes that have been added by visitors to the museum via a mobile website and by online guests at Each leaf on the tree is a single wish. As a result, the tree grows larger and more complex over time as new wishes are added. Visitors can sit in quiet contemplation on a bench inside the meditative space of the sculpture and watch as the visualization displays individual wishes one at a time on the big screen.

The fully generative systems that power these experiences bring insight and hope to patients, their visitors, donors, and guests.

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