LoopLoop for Sifteo Cubes


Our friends at Sifteo asked Stimulant to contribute to their launch portfolio of games that focus on kinesthetic learning, spatial reasoning, and collaboration. Based on our staff’s deep love of music, we decided to make the world’s smallest and simplest music sequencer. This creation, dubbed LoopLoop, went on to win “Best in Category: Expressing” and “Best in Show” awards at the inaugural Interaction Design Awards.

Sifteo cubes are 1.5-inch-square devices with 1-inch screens, not unlike a child’s building block. In addition to having a 128-pixel-square touchscreen, they are aware of their own orientation, tilt, direction, and proximity to other Sifteo cubes. These challenges and opportunities led us to create a multitrack music toy that was more exploratory than goal-based, and would leverage the minimalist and modular nature of the cubes themselves. We opted for a visual style that would mimic the inferred emotional attributes of the Sifteo cubes themselves: cute, minimal, quirky, with surprising complexity revealed over time.



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