10 Jan, 2012

Intel’s Connect to Life Experience at CES 2012

Connect to Life Experience at Intel's CES 2012 Booth

2200 square feet of unique user-generated 3D bioluminescent lifeforms

We’re at CES all week overseeing what is our physically biggest project to date.

The Intel Connect to Life Experience is a 168-foot-wide interactive 3D virtual life simulation that spans the entirety of Intel’s booth at CES 2012. Conference attendees can use any of six stations around the perimeter of the booth to create a shape using their hands, phone, keys — pretty much anything — and the silhouette of that object will be used to generate a unique bioluminescent lifeform on the massive projection surface overhead. The animated lifeforms interact with one another in playful ways, dancing with one another or chasing other lifeforms around the ecosystem.

The system renders approximately 30 billion triangles per second to deliver a 17.6 megapixel image at 60 frames per second, all powered by Intel Core i7 technology. This image is displayed over a 2200 square foot, non-uniform projection-mapped surface using 24 projectors.

Stimulant’s client for the Connect to Life Experience was Foghorn, famous for bringing the incredible Intel Infoscape wall to life with Intel in 2010. We were honored to collaborate with a team that has set an incredibly high bar, and we relished the challenge to meet it. The Connect to Life Experience has been a massive collaboration between a number of other supremely creative and talented firms without whom none of this would have been possible, including (but certainly not limited to) 2LK, WorldStage, Stage Light Design and The Taylor Group.

If you’re in town for the week, swing by and make your own unique contribution to the ecosystem!

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