Space Needle Interactives


Stimulant designed and developed two unique observation deck touchscreen exhibits that make Space Needle visitors’ experiences more rich and informative. These interactives let visitors zoom into the landscape and explore famous Seattle landmarks which aren’t directly visible from the top.

Go behind-the-scenes at Seattle’s most iconic landmarks

One experience features dreamlike, immersive panoramic walkthroughs of famous Seattle sites that most visitors can’t usually experience, shot by Seattle agency Creature. Visitors will swim through the Seattle Aquarium’s octopus tank, go pre-game into the locker room of the Seattle Sounders (and be in the middle of the flame-throwing action after scoring a goal), experience the simple life on a houseboat on Lake Washington, and get into the middle of fish-tossing action at the world-renowned Pike Place Market. They not only get exclusive peeks inside local landmarks, but also are oriented to where these locations are in relation to the Space Needle’s observation deck touchscreens through animated transitions that “teleport” the visitor to the location. Once there, visitors can scrub back-and-forth using only touch to travel unique linear and 360-degree videos at their own pace.

The landscape comes to life

The second touchscreen on the observation deck features a rich gigapixel panorama of the entire city, shot from the tip-top of the Space Needle’s own spire. Visitors can pan and zoom in to incredible levels of detail using Stimulant’s own Gigatouch Interactive 360 Panorama Explorer, which turns massively-detailed, ultra-high-resolution images into a fluid and snappy tours of the landscape. Easy-to-use filters provide custom “tours” of a vast array of historical, cultural and “locals-only” landmarks curated by local experts. The view from the top is one-of-a-kind, and this interactive is like having a powerful pair of binoculars to cut through the clouds on even the rainiest day in Seattle.

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