WIND Mobile Interactive Product Comparator


Stimulant created a unique interactive retail installation for Canadian cellular provider WIND Mobile (now Freedom Mobile). We designed and developed a multi-touch experience that extended their brand philosophy of “The Power of Conversation” to the in-store experience. Interactive tables in WIND Mobile retail locations provided direct access to key product information. In addition, they enabled direct comparison between any two phones. The application was designed to facilitate two-way conversation between employees and customers using the products themselves instead of brochures or posters.

Using object tracking, customers could place phones directly onto the tabletop and the display would show them the features of that phone. Up to four phones could be placed on the tabletop at one time. By moving two phones closer together, the features could be compared side-by-side. In addition, we used custom sound design and playful 2D physics to bring the brand to life with delightful responses to customer interactions. The application leverages a custom content management system to enable easy updating across all stores.


WIND Mobile