20 Mar, 2017

“Meta Mirror” at Luminary

We’re pleased to announce that Stimulant will be contributing to the first event produced by Future Fires, an organization aiming to bring the magic that exists at the intersection of art, technology, and music to a large-scale audience in San Francisco. “Luminary” features art+tech pieces from the likes of Can Buyukberber and a live performance from Ghostly’s Shigeto, among many others.

For the Luminary event on March 18 2017, we present “Meta Mirror”, a piece in which photographs from the event are twisted, shaded, and assembled into a generative topography in real-time, then projected back into the courtyard to create a fractured mirror of the immediate past. Share your experience to Instagram with #luminarysf to be included in the mix.

See futurefires.com for more information and tickets. Look out for our team at the event, we’d love to say hello.

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